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Gilderoy Lockhart
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Name: Gilderoy Lockhart
Gender: Male
Year&House: 7th Year in Hufflepuff
Affiliation: He'd love to be in the Order, you know saving the day, but he's too scared, so he basically stays out of it.

Appearance: Gilderoy Lockhart considers himself to be the peak of male perfection. His pride and joy is his golden hair, which he always keeps in prime condition. It nicely frames his face and (in his own opinion) brings out the colour of his eyes. He always tries to wear light blues, to accentuate them further and has even been known to apply just a dash of mascara before setting out for classes each morning. Gilderoy also spends a disturbing amount of time taking care of his teeth, which are, of course, dazzlingly white. He's always ready to whip out the pearlies, and they have even been known to get him out of a detention or two. Gilderoy isn't exactly tall, at 5ft 9", but he makes up for it in slightly heeled shoes. Nothing that would attract attention, but just enough to make a difference. At least until his final growth spurt, when he is determined to gain the last few inches and reach 6ft.
Gilderoy has impeccable dress sense, everything matches with everything else. He favours slightly flamboyant clothing and has made a few "corrections" to the uniform, nothing too drastic. Just the collar, and a few extra buttons here and there. After all, in Gilderoy's opinion, style is Everything.

History: Gilderoy was born to Heidi and Lowell Lockhart on the 20th July 1961. He was their only child, and was naturally spoiled beyond all reason. His mother openly doted upon him, purchasing almost anything her little Gildy desired. By the time Gilderoy was ten he owned six different brooms, an invisibility cloak and had a wardrobe that would have clothed half of Wales.
He wasn't much of a team player and ignored most children his own age. He never quite understood how they could stand to get so DIRTY. He once tried to befriend a boy in the nearby village, but it all ended in tears when Gilderoy oblivious to the hurt he would cause, informed his playmate that he had too much around the middle and that his face would have to have extensive work done before it would match the standard of his own. The village boy, gravely offended, waited till Lockhart's back was turned then forced him down, face first into a pile of manure on the roadside. Traumatised by this experience, Lockhart remained indoors for the rest of his childhood, and to this day his an irrational fear of the outdoors.
Hogwarts was probably the best thing that ever happened to Gilderoy. For the first time in his life, he was be out from under his mother's watchful gaze. Although he was more than a little apprehensive, he'd heard of the great deeds that graduates of the school had achieved, and was eager to match them. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, though the Sorting Hat seriously considered putting him in Slytherin. His burning ambitions made it the obvious choice, however Gilderoy had taken one look at the Slytherins and decided that they looked a rough, unpleasant, badly dressed load of kids. He profusely begged the Sorting Hat to reconsider and was eventually put into Hufflepuff.
His time at Hogwarts, thus far, has been largely successful. For the first time in his life, he's made friends with people his own age, in particular one Rita Skeeter . His golden hair and flawless smile have earned him quite a reputation, among the ladies of Hogwarts. It's an ambition of many of his male colleges to knock out a few of his pearlies and gain back their girlfriends' attention. His magical ability is limited. He's reasonably talented at Potions, mainly ones concerning hair care, and strangely, Astronomy was also a strong subject. However at most other subjects, Gilderoy's abilities were average at best. Determined to at least appear competent, Gilderoy copies the work of others though would never give them credit. He has a flair for literacy and has always been able to fluke his way through. His female admirers have always been an easy source of material. His performance in O.W.L, got him a bucket load of Es, an A in Potions, and an O in Astronomy. Overall, he was Very pleased. His parents bought him a Peacock Feather Quill and a new broom. The broom was quickly disguarded, but the Peacock Quill is in constant use. He'll probably hang onto it, for the rest of his life. He's currently considering his options. He's always wanted success, but exactly what in, he's not so sure. Ideally he'd like to be famous. His ego demands that he make something huge out of his life, what that will be, only time can tell.

Personality: The first word one would use to describe Lockhart would be, shallow. Gilderoy's image is probably one of the Most important things in his life. He spends at least three hours before school getting his hair completely perfect and making sure every part of his uniform matches with everything else. He is an arrogant person really, totally self-centred, out for Gilderoy Lockhart Only. Exactly why the sorting hat chose Hufflepuff, is a mystery. He wouldn't miss a hair appointment if his Grandmother's life depended on it. Loyalty is definitely not one of Gilderoy's strong points. Neither is hard work, if he can rip something off someone else, he'll do it. It has been decided by common consensus, that Hufflepuff was chosen because there was simply no where else to put him. Lockhart wishes he'd been placed in Ravenclaw, not only because he has decided that he is of infinite intelligence, but because that uniform would fit perfectly with his image. Gilderoy is also a profound and accomplished coward. Even the slightest hint of a fight will send him scurrying away with his tail between his legs. However, Gilderoy is quite good at making up elaborate boasts, often involving him risking life and limp in the Forest.
Though Gilderoy's flaws are blatantly obvious for any male in his presence, he does seem to have a flair for the ladies. His charms and looks are undeniable. He's something of a player, going with anything he thinks is beautiful enough to be with him. He never really thinks too much about feelings.
He exercises his sugared tongue on any teacher who'll fall for it, using flattery unembarrassed. Gilderoy also has considerable skill at the art of fabrication and persuasion. He could coax the hind legs off a Hippogriff if he chose to. He lies like a master and once managed to convince a prefect in his third year that he was doing research for Muggle Studies when the Prefect caught him picking the lock of the potions cupboard to get ingredients for his monthly hair care treatment.
Despite his flaws, Gilderoy isn't a bad person really. He'd never do something to cause someone harm, or use physical violence in any way. He's strongly against the dark arts, even if he's too scared to speak up for what he believes in. Although he likes to womanise, he avoids involvement with female friends. He'd actually have to think then, and unfortunately, his hairstyle couldn't cope with that. Friends are easily made, and no one could say Gilderoy was cold hearted, you'll always get a warm welcome. He's not honest or loyal or hard-working, but he's friendly and has the best intentions, despite being as annoying as hell. In the end of the day, he has a good(ish) soul.